This section of our website has been designed to provide you with the information needed to create files for OUR specific workflow. The documentaion contained in the following pages is constantly updated.


PostScript Settings
InDesign 2 PostScript Settings 508k pdf <--Revised 09/30/08
InDesign CS PostScript Settings
360k pdf <--Revised 09/30/08
InDesign CS2 PostScript Settings
373k pdf <--Revised 09/30/08
InDesign CS3 PostScript Settings 1.6mb pdf <--Revised 09/30/08
InDesign CS4 PostScript Settings 1.6mb pdf <--new 02/18/09
PageMaker PostScript Settings 268k pdf
Quark 4 PostScript Settings 280k pdf
Quark 5 PostScript Settings 520k pdf
Quark 6 10.3.9 PostScript Settings 372k pdf <--revised 05/06
Quark 6 10.4.7 PostScript Settings
752k pdf <-- revised 11/06
Quark 7 10.4.7 PostScript Settings
404k pdf <-- revised 10/06
Quark 8 10.4.11 PostScript Settings404k pdf <--New 11/11/08

InDesign Export Job Options
InDesign CS Export Job Options 4k <--New 6/05/09
InDesign CS2 Export Job Options 4k <--New 6/05/09
InDesign CS3 Export Job Options 4k <--New 6/05/09
InDesign CS4 Export Job Options 4k <--New 6/05/09
InDesign CS5 Export Job Options
4k <--New 8/04/10
InDesign CS6 Export Job Options4k <--New 4/02/14

Acrobat Distiller
Acrobat Distiller 4 Settings 376k pdf <--Revised 08/05/08
Acrobat Distiller 5 Settings 548k pdf <--Revised 08/05/08
Acrobat Distiller 6 Settings 1.3mb pdf <--Revised 08/05/08
Acrobat Distiller 7 Settings 1,000k pdf <--Revised 08/05/08
Acrobat Distiller 8 Settings 1,012k pdf <--new 08/07/07
Acrobat Distiller 9 Settings 1,000k pdf <--new 02/18/09

Acrobat Distiller Job Options
Distiller 4 Job Options 4k
Distiller 5 Job Options 4k
Distiller 6 Job Options 4k
Distiller 7 Job Options 4k <--new 11/09/06
Distiller 8 Job Options 8k <--new 08/07/07
Distiller 9 Job Options 4k <--new 02/18/09

PitStop Preflight Profiles

Pitstop 5 Profiles 4k
Pitstop 6 Profiles 4k

Printing/Application Extensions


AdobePS 8.8 MAC OS9
Virtual Printer 8.5.1 16k MAC OS9
Apogee PPD 12k

Apogee PPD 8k

Color Calibration 96k
Decimal Equivalents of an inch 16k pdf
Equipment List 72k pdf <--Revised 10/07/08
Monitor Calibration 40k pdf
Prepress Workflow Issues 40k pdf


FTP Programs-PC

FTPX for PC <--Recommended
FileZilla <--Download for PC or all platforms.

FTP Programs-Mac

Fetch for Macintosh 30 Day Trial
Transmit 1.6 Mac OS9
Transmit 3.7 Mac OSX limited version is free

Cyberduck 3 for Mac OS X

Postal Specifications


StuffIt Expander (for StuffIt and Zip files)

Acrobat Extensions: Acrobat-6
Agfa Bleed plug-in for Acrobat MAC 16k
Agfa Bleed plug-in for Acrobat PC 116k

Hudson Ground Controls for Flightcheck MAC 8k file

Quark PDF Import XT 1,016k